Sept. 22, 2021

Perseverance Rover Collects a Second Sample of Martian History

Perseverance Rover Collects a Second Sample of Martian History

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SpaceTime Series 24 Episode 107

*The Perseverance rover collects a second sample of Martian history

NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover successfully collected its first pair of rock samples, and scientists already are gaining new insights into the Jezero Crater region of the red planet.

*ExoMars 2020 on track for launch a year from now

Well, it was slated to fly in 2020, but ongoing technical delays and the COVID-19 Corona virus pandemic forced the ExoMars 2020 mission to miss its original launch window.

*The Hapith I rocket in flames on its Whalers Way launch pad

Taiwanese company TiSpace’s attempt to launch its new Hapith I rocket has ended in flames with the rocket catching alight on the launch pad.

*SpaceX 16th launch of the year

SpaceX has successfully launched another 51 Starlink broadband internet satellites aboard one of its Falcon 9 rockets.

*China’s 33rd launch for the year

China has successfully launched a new direct broadcast telecommunications satellite.

*The Science Report

A new study confirms that the Sun's 11-year cycle cannot explain global warming.

Study shows 26 out of 27 scientists rejecting COVID-19 lab link were actually linked to the lab.

A new species of meat eating theropod dinosaur discovered in southeastern Brazil.

A new study has identified seven key personality traits in cats.

Alex on Tech: looks at the new iphone13.

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