Oct. 22, 2021

Jezero Crater Shows Signs of Sustained Interactions with Water

Jezero Crater Shows Signs of Sustained Interactions with Water

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SpaceTime 20211022 Series 24 Episode 120

*The floor of Jezero Crater shows signs of sustained interactions with water

Since the Perseverance rover landed in the red planet’s Jezero crater back in February, the rover and its team of scientists back on Earth have been hard at work exploring the craters floor which once held an ancient lake.

*Large effect of solar activity on Earth's energy budget

A new study has confirmed that the Sun and galaxy have a major impact on the Earth’s cloud cover and ultimately the planet’s energy budget.

*CHEOPS nears the halfway point in its mission

The European Space Agency’s CHEOPS space telescope is now over half way through its planned mission to study distant worlds orbiting other stars.

*The Science Report

Classic antidepressants could help improve modern cancer treatments.

A successful test of America’s new hypersonic missile.

Discovery of a hidden ancient Mayan city in Guatemala.

Skeptic's guide to India’s ghost buster.

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