June 2, 2021

How and When the Milky Way Came Together

How and When the Milky Way Came Together

The Astronomy, Technology and Space Science News Podcast.

SpaceTime Series 24 Episode 62

*New evidence of how and when the Milky Way came together

A new study shows that our Milky Way galaxy already had a significant stellar population of its own, when it collided with an orbiting satellite galaxy, known as Gaia-Enceladus – or the Gaia sausage -- about 10 billion years ago.

*Ten years of space station research into antimatter and cosmic rays

NASA’s anti-matter and cosmic ray detector aboard the International Space Station has passed a major mile stone celebrating ten years in orbit.

*Virgin Galactic undertakes its first successful test flight from New Mexico

Virgin Galactic has undertaken its first successful high altitude flight in more than two years, climbing to an altitude of 89 kilometres above the New Mexico desert.

*China launches a new ocean monitoring satellite

China has launched a new Earth Observation satellite designed to study Oceanography.

*The Science Report

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines found to offer immunity against a sub-types tearing through India

Claims the capabilities of cancer cells may come from reactivating pre-existing, dormant genes.

ExxonMobil using tobacco industry tactics to fight global warming claims.

A new study has found that night owls tend to send out more negative tweets than early birds.

Alex on Tech: record number of Australians move to very high speed plans.

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