July 12, 2021

Discovery of a White Dwarf so Massive it Might Collapse

Discovery of a White Dwarf so Massive it Might Collapse

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SpaceTime Series 24 Episode 79


*Discovery of a White Dwarf so massive it might collapse

Astronomers have discovered the most massive white dwarf ever seen.  The smouldering cinder, which formed when two smaller white dwarfs merged, is packing a mass greater than that of our Sun squeezed into an object about the size of our Moon.

*A new hypothesis to explain Mercury’s huge iron core

A new study claims that rather than being the result of a massive collision blasting away much of its mantle – Mercury’s proportionally massive core is simply the result of where the planet formed.

*Planet Earth’s hot new neighbour

Astronomers have discovered a new exoplanet in our part of the galactic neighbourhood.

*A final mission for the Cygnus 15 cargo ship

A Cygnus cargo ship has undocked from the International Space Station to launch a series of five satellites before ending its mission.

*The Science Report

A new study shows people will need to vaccinate to at least 85% to achieve herd immunity.

Night-owls have an increasing risk of obesity.

Australia’s oddest and most critically endangered species of fungus.

China is continuing its preparations for war -- building over a hundred new nuclear missile silos.

Skeptic's guide to the Falcon Lake UFO incident.

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