June 30, 2021

Are supermassive black holes collapsed dark matter halos?

Are supermassive black holes collapsed dark matter halos?

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SpaceTime Series 24 Episode 74


*Are supermassive black holes collapsed dark matter halos?

A new study suggests that supermassive black holes could be formed out of the collapse of dark matter halos.

*Sentinel’s ocean data starts flowing

After six months of check-out and calibration in orbit, the Sentinel-6A spacecraft has started providing its first data streams of the world’s oceans and how they’re being affected by global warming.

*Juno detects a new Jovian high energy radiation source

NASA’s Juno spacecraft has discovered a new heavy high energy radiation source in Jupiter’s radiation belts – which are already considered the most intense in the solar system.

*America launches three new spy satellites on a converted nuclear missile

NASA's Wallops Island Flight Facility on the Virginian mid Atlantic Coast has been a busy place of late with back to back rocket launches taking place.

*The Science Report

Study warns climate change is killing wildlife because when wild animals are hot, they eat less.

Researchers say drinking coffee may be good for your liver.

The world’s growing problem of micro plastic pollution.

Study shows medium sized dinosaur predators are wiped out from areas where T-Rex’s dominate.

Alex on Tech on the new TCL Wearable Display.

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