May 3, 2021

A Record-Breaking Flare From Sun's Nearest Stellar Neighbour

A Record-Breaking Flare From Sun's Nearest Stellar Neighbour

SpaceTime with Stuart Gary S24E49 Show Notes

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*A record-breaking flare from Sun's nearest stellar neighbour

Astronomers have detected one of the most violent stellar flares ever recorded in the galaxy exploding out of Proxima Centauri the nearest star system to the Sun.


*More chopper flights on the red planet

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter continues to set records, flying faster and farther in its latest test flights on the surface of the red planet.

*A new look at the story of the Pleiades seven sisters

Astronomers have taken a new look at the enigmatic Pleiades open star cluster and how its evolution fits in to human mythology.

*The pink supermoon

It sounds like something they used to do at midnight shift or studio 54 -- but we just had something the media are calling a pink super moon.

*The Science Report

A new subunit COVID-19 vaccine passes its early trials.

Study warns breathing second hand smoke increases your risk of getting oral cancer by 51 percent.

How fast can a T-rex run?

New study claims juvenile tyrannosaurs were faster than their parents

Skeptic's guide to shonky Epson salt cures.

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