Sept. 8, 2021

A New Study of Stellar Streams in the Milky Way

A New Study of Stellar Streams in the Milky Way

The Astronomy, Technology, and Space Science News Podcast.

SpaceTime Series 24 Episode 101

*A new study of stellar streams in the Milky Way

A new study of 23 stellar streams in the Milky Way galaxy suggest that the vast majority originated in other galaxies.

*The weird, metallic star hurtling out of the Milky Way

Astronomers have spotted a remnant fragment of a white dwarf star being flung out of the galaxy.

*More cracks in the Russian part of the space station

There are growing concerns about the safety of the Russian segments of the International Space Station following the discovery of cracks in the Zarya module – one of the orbiting outpost’s first components.

*Another New Shepard test flight

Hot on the heels of July’s successful first space tourism flight -- Blue Origin has launched New Shepard on its 17th mission -- this time carrying experiments for NASA and various universities.

*The Science Report

Warnings that once every century extreme sea level events will soon take place every year.

Moderna is about to start Phase I clinical trials a new HIV vaccine candidate. based on mRNA.

Pulses of increased rainfall in the Arabian Peninsula helped human migration out of Africa.

South Korea takes delivery of its first ballistic-missile submarine.

Alex on Tech: the Flubot malware scam.

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