Sept. 20, 2021

A New Look at Planet Changing Super Volcanos

A New Look at Planet Changing Super Volcanos

The Astronomy, Technology, and Space Science News Podcast.

SpaceTime Series 24 Episode 106

*A new look at planet changing super volcanos

A new study warns that super volcano eruptions can continue with follow up events for thousands of years after the main blast.

*Work underway on the Moon capsule

Work is now underway at Lockheed Martin on the Orion spacecraft that will be used on the Artemis III mission to return people to the lunar surface.

*SpaceX Inspiration4 mission


Four space tourists have undertaken a three day voyage in orbit.  The Inspiration 4 flight aboard the SpaceX Dragon capsule Resilience launched on a Falcon 9 rocket from Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.

*Australia’s new trilateral defence deal with America and Britain

Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom have entered into a new defence agreement designed to counter what’s euphemistically referred to as the growing military threats facing the Indo-Pacific theatre.

*The Science Report

The world has a new COVID-19 variant -- the new Mu variant is taking off in South America.

A third booster shot for COVID-19 lowers the rate of severe illness 20 fold.

The drying climate and water resource use puts the Darling River at greater risk of fish deaths.

A new apex predator dinosaur discovered at a dig site in Uzbekistan.

Skeptic's guide to psychic readings

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