Dec. 25, 2019

95: Starliner Fails

95: Starliner Fails

SpaceTime with Stuart Gary S22E95

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*Boeing’s new Starliner fails to reach the International Space Station

Boeing has failed in its first attempt to send its new CST-100 Starliner crew capsule to the International Space Station – instead getting the spacecraft stranded in a useless orbit.

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*The largest stellar-mass black hole ever detected

Astronomers have observed the largest stellar-mass black hole ever detected.  The black hole catalogued as LB-1 has about 70 times the mass of the Sun – more than twice the size of any previously detected stellar-mass black hole.


*Scientists select a site on asteroid Bennu for a sample collection

Nightingale has been selected as the primary collection site for NASA’s Osiris-Rex sample return mission on the surface of the boulder-strewn asteroid Bennu.

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*The Science Report

Deadly mega-wildfires surrounding Sydney.

Pollution by China is preventing the ozone hole over Antarctica from healing over.

A new study on the wellbeing of Australian children.

Homo-erectus – a close ancestor of modern humans -- went extinct around 108 thousand years ago.

A new study has shown that dogs may have a sense of numbers.


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