Dec. 28, 2016

93: Water on Mars? More clues...

93: Water on Mars? More clues...

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*New findings provide more clues about water habitability on Mars 

Water probably existed on the surface of Mars in conditions that would have been suitable for microbial live to have thrived if life existed on the red planet. The new conclusions are based on the discovery of Boron on the surface of Mars by NASA’s Curiosity rover. 

*Icy surprises at Rosetta's Comet 

The European Space Agency’s historic Rosetta mission to the Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko may be over but scientists are still making new discoveries as they sift through the petabytes of data collected during the journey. The research team have just discovered that as Rosetta’s comet approached its most active period in August 2015, the spacecraft spotted carbon dioxide ice – never before seen on a comet – followed by the emergence of two unusually large patches of water ice. 

*A new explanation for the so-called Alien megastructure star 

Scientists have come up with a new hypothesis to explain the weirdness of the so-called Alien megastructure star KIC 8462852 which has shown dramatic changes in brightness that until now couldn’t be explained by most astrophysical processes. The best one, however, was the now notorious Alien megastructure suggestion which jokingly postulated that it could be an advanced alien civilisation harvesting much of the star’s energy using a Dyson sphere -- a massive structure composed of solar panels large enough to surround an entire star. 

*New tropical cyclone research satellites launched 

NASA’s new Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System – CYGNSS – has been successfully launched into orbit aboard a Pegasus rocket. The CYGNSS constellation of eight small satellites will allow scientists to study tropical cyclones, hurricanes, and other storms in unprecedented detail.

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