Nov. 29, 2017

92: New questions about dark matter and dark energy

92: New questions about dark matter and dark energy

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*New questions about dark matter and dark energy A new study is raising fresh questions about dark matter and dark energy -- two of the most mysterious and least understood features in the universe. A new hypothesis attempts to explain both the accelerating expansion of the universe and the movement of stars in galaxies without needing to draw on the concepts of dark matter and dark energy. 

*Murchison Widefield Array construction completes phase two The Murchison Widefield Array has reached a key milestone in its ongoing development, with the completion of its phase two expansion. The work which has taken nearly 16 months, includes 128 new antenna stations at the observatory site in outback Western Australia. 

*Is antimatter the hidden face of lightning Terrestrial Gamma Rays Flashes produced in lightning from thunderstorms can also generate antimatter. New research claims Terrestrial Gamma Rays Flashes react with the air to produce radioisotopes and positrons -- the antimatter counterpart of electrons. 

*Trojan Martian asteroids created by sunlight A new study claims some of the trojan asteroids orbiting with Mars could have been created by sunlight. While many of the Sun’s family of planets have trojans – Mars is the only terrestrial planet known to have trojans in stable orbits. 

*China 14th rocket launch for 2017 China’s busy rocket launch program is still in top gear with it 14th launch for 2017 blasting in to orbit. The latest mission – the third for the month -- involved a Long March 2C rocket flying from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwestern China’s Sichuan province. 

*The Science Report 

Earth about to enter a mild La Nina weather pattern either in late December or early 2018. 40 per cent of adolescents with food allergies are experiencing frequent allergic reactions. Energy drinks linked to frequent dental problems. Air pollution linked to poorer quality sperm. Drinking coffee is more likely to benefit health than to harm it. 

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