Dec. 11, 2019

91: Biggest Supermassive Black Hole in the Local Universe

91: Biggest Supermassive Black Hole in the Local Universe

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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary S22E91 

*Biggest supermassive black hole in the local universe

Astronomers have identified a record-setting supermassive black hole – some 40 billion times the mass of our Sun –making it easily the biggest in the local universe.

*The Sun’s secrets being revealed

The first detailed results from NASA’s Parker Solar Probe are revealing some surprising secrets about the Sun.

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*Determining the size of a proton

Physicists are getting closer to solving the proton radius puzzle with one of the most precise new measurements of the charge radius of the proton.

*SpaceX Dragon launch 

A SpaceX Dragon cargo ship carrying a garage for robots has successfully docked with the International Space Station.

 *2020 Australasian Sky Guide released

The 2020 Australasian Sky Guide has been released providing stargazers with everything they need to know about the southern night skies and tips on how best to view them.

To buy your copy use this link

*The Science Report

2019 wrapping up a decade of exceptional global heat, retreating ice and record sea level rises.

One in four kids uses their smartphones in a way consistent with a behavioral addiction.

Gender Dysphoria linked to changes in brain network activity rather than incorrect brain sex.

Archeologists discover an ancient temple complex in the Golan Heights.

Deciphering subtle differences in cats' faces that reveal their mood.

Samoa declares a state of emergency as a deadly measles outbreak worsens.


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