Nov. 22, 2017

90: More clues about our interstellar visitor

90: More clues about our interstellar visitor

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*More clues about our interstellar visitor Astronomers have released new details about a mysterious interstellar visitor which sped through our solar system during September and October. The new observations show the object -- known as 1i/2017 U1 -- measures some 180 by 30 meters and is shaped like a fat cigar, half a city block long. 

*Why the star Regulus is almost ripping apart A new study of the star Regulus indicates it’s almost spinning fast enough to literally rip itself apart. The findings reported in the journal Nature Astronomy show the star has a spin rate of 96.5 per cent of its angular velocity needed for break-up. 

*Another gravity wave discovery from merging black holes Scientists have confirmed another detection of gravitational waves generated by the collision of two stellar mass back holes. This latest detection involved the merger of two relatively light black holes, with 7 and 12 times the mass of the Sun -- a billion light years away. 

*Pluto’s freezer explained A new study of Pluto’s atmosphere may explain why the dwarf planet at the outer rim of the solar system is so much colder than predicted. The findings indicate a novel cooling mechanism controlled by haze particles could account for Pluto’s frigid atmosphere. 

*Pulsars ruled out of antimatter excess Scientists have ruled out two nearby pulsars as possible sources for a mysterious excess of anti-matter particles discovered near Earth. In 2008, astronomers observed an unexpectedly high number of positrons -- the anti-matter counterparts to electrons -- in orbit just a few hundred kilometres above the planet. 

*The Science Report Explaining why people with autism find it difficult to look directly at other people Claims salty diets may raise blood pressure by killing off gut bacteria. The new study confirming that drinkers and smokers really do get old earlier. The world’s largest dinosaur tracks. The birth of modern wine-making traced back to early Tuscany. 

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