Dec. 6, 2019

90: Have Scientists Detected a Mysterious Fifth Force in Nature?

90: Have Scientists Detected a Mysterious Fifth Force in Nature?

The Astronomy and Space Science News Podcast

SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 22 Episode 90

The astronomy and space science news podcast.

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*Have scientists detected a mysterious fifth force in nature

Scientists with CERN the European Organisation for Nuclear Research are investigating fresh claims of the detection of an unknown particle that could carry a fifth force of nature.

*Record-setting X-ray burst

Instruments aboard the International Space Station have detected their brightest ever X-ray burst. 

*Rewriting the text books on the origins of globular clusters

Astronomers have discovered relatively young globular clusters in a giant galaxy – contradicting the idea that all globular clusters are very ancient objects.

*Ariane 5 carries out its fourth launch for the year

An Ariane 5 rocket has blasted into space carrying two new telecommunications satellites into orbit.

*India has successfully launched new spy satellite

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has successfully launched a new high-resolution spy satellite into orbit.

*Celebrating Eleanor Margaret Burbidge one of the greats in astronomy

Australian Sky and Telescope celebrates the birth 100 years ago of astrophysicist Eleanor Margaret Burbidge.

*The Science Report

Scientists warn of climate tipping points leading to rapid runaway climate change.

Noise from boats reducing the ability of migrating humpback whales to communicate with each other.

The perfect storm that wiped out the Neanderthals.

Aerogel shields could be the answer to making plants grow on Mars.

Making biodegradable plastic bags out of banana plants.


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