Feb. 2, 2018

9: New model links high energy cosmic rays, neutrinos, and gamma rays

9: New model links high energy cosmic rays, neutrinos, and gamma rays

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*New model links high energy cosmic rays, neutrinos, and gamma rays One of the biggest mysteries in astro-particle physics may have been solved by a new model linking ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays, very high-energy neutrinos, and high-energy gamma rays to supermassive black holes. 

*Black Hole discovered hiding in globular cluster Astronomers have for the first time discovered an inactive black hole hiding silently in the heart of a globular cluster. 

*New study could help predict volcanic eruptions Scientists have found a link between volcanic activity and tidal cycles. 

*February Skywatch We check out Orion, the Pleiades, Sirius and the Magellanic Clouds on February’s Skywatch. 

*The Science Report 

The oldest human fossil discovered outside Africa found in an Israeli cave. Using tiny crystals to predict volcanic eruptions. Discovery of a link between vitamin D blood levels and respiratory health. Scientists discover that most female cats are right handed. 

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