Nov. 13, 2019

83: Tossed Out

83: Tossed Out

The Astronomy and Space Science News Podcast

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*Star thrown out of galaxy by a black hole

Astronomers have detected a star that’s being flung out of the Milky Way galaxy at a record breaking speed of over six million kilometres per hour by the super massive black hole at the galactic centre.

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*Signs of the next solar cycle increase

There’s more confirmation today that the Sun’s magnetic poles have flipped marking the start of solar cycle 25.


*Gaia’s astronomical revolution

The European Space Agency’s Gaia spacecraft has now completed its initial five year mission and has entered its first mission extension.

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*Starliner launch abort test issue

A problem with the deployment of one of the parachutes blemished an otherwise successful test of Boeing’s new manned capsule the CST 100 Starliner which will eventually ferry astronauts to the International Space Station.


*Iran accelerates its missile and nuclear programs with claims of another space flight plan 

Iran has announced plans to accelerate its missile development and nuclear programs.


*The Science Report

Warnings that the Measles Virus could cause long term damage to the immune system.

Doctors carry out a successful penis transplant.

Fears diseases could spread more quickly through marine mammals due to climate change.

Paleontologists find the fossils of a huge clawed predatory dinosaur on Victoria’s Otway coast.

Studies show no increase in looney behaviour or accidents during a full moon.


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