Nov. 6, 2019

81: Quantum Squeezing

81: Quantum Squeezing

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SpaceTime 20191106 Series 22 Episode 81

*Quantum squeezing to detect every stellar-mass black hole merger in the universe

Scientists have found a way to detect virtually every stellar black hole collision in the universe by refining a technique called quantum squeezing.


*New evidence that the first stars formed very quickly

Astronomers studying and ancient quasar have discovered a primitive gas cloud providing new clues about the birth of the universe’s first stars.


*A mission to slam an impactor into an asteroid

NASA and the European Space Agency are planning a double mission to slam an impactor into a pyramid sized moon orbiting a mountain sized near Earth asteroid.

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*Military space shuttle returns after a record breaking flight of over two years

The United States Air Force’s X-37B space shuttle has returned to Earth after a record breaking 780 days in orbit.


*The Science Report

Paracetamol use during pregnancy linked to autism and ADGD in children.

A new study suggests disease could lie behind religious beliefs in good and evil.

Warnings that global warming may increase undernutrition through the effects of heat exposure.

A major game-changer for the electric car.

Dinosaur footprints suggest that one of the most common dinos preferred to chill at the beach.

The dark and deadly side of the growing demand for so-called healing crystals.


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