Oct. 30, 2019

79: The Universe is Expanding More Rapidly Than Predicted

79: The Universe is Expanding More Rapidly Than Predicted

The Astronomy and Space Science News Podcast

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SpaceTime 20191030 Series 22 Episode 79


*The universe is expanding more rapidly than predicted

New observations suggest the universe is expanding far more rapidly that current models are predicting.


*Solving one of the planet’s greatest who done its!

A new study has confirmed it was the asteroid impact rather than volcanism which triggered the mass extinction event 66 million years ago that wiped out 75 percent of all life on Earth – including all non-avian dinosaurs.


*A vital test for the world’s largest telescope project

Astronomers and engineers have completed a test run to determine if today’s technology can cope with the enormous amounts of data expected to be streaming in once the world’s largest telescope – the Square Kilometre Array – or SKA – is up and running.

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*Living off the land on the Moon

Space experts from all over the world have met in the European municipality of Luxembourg for a conference on utilising space resources to explore the solar system.

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*The Science Report

Modern human origins localized to Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe, south of the Zambezi River.

Climate change induced warming has shifted El Niño events and made them more extreme.

A quantum computer has just performed a calculation that the best supercomputers can’t reproduce.

Relocating koalas out of overpopulated areas improves their chances of survival.

One in five people don’t wash their hands after going to the dunny.

New nominations for Australian Skeptics bent Spoon award.


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