Sept. 27, 2017

75: Australia to finally establish a space agency

75: Australia to finally establish a space agency

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*Australia to finally establish a space agency The Australian Federal Government has announced plans to finally establish its own space agency in an attempt to cash in on the growing 420 billion dollar global space industry. The new agency will co-ordinate strategic long term plans supporting domestic aerospace industries currently worth over four billion dollars -- but which are often uncoordinated and fragmented, often developing similar competing systems. 

*Discovery of the nearest supermassive black hole binary Astronomers have detected the nearest ever binary supermassive black hole system. The twin monsters which are separated by only one light year -- were located just 400 light years away in a spiral galaxy named NGC 7674. 

*Fast Radio Bursts could be very common A new study claims mysterious nanosecond flashes of intense energy known as Fast Radio Bursts of FRBs may be firing off every second. When FRBs, were first discovered by the Parkes Radio Telescope in 2001, astronomers had never seen anything like them before. 

*End of the world prediction wrong again In case you missed it, the world was supposed to end last Saturday according to Christian end of the world theorist David Meade – but it looks like he was wrong and consequently so were all the sheeple who believed him. Meade was claiming that an apocalyptic planet called Nibiru would collide with the Earth destroying all life. 

*The Science Report 

The largest study ever undertaken of the human microbiome. 

Iran has tested its new Khorramshahr ballistic missile in violation of UN resolution 2231. 

Studies claim colorful vegetables and fruits may contain compounds that can stop colon cancer. 

Stomachs developed 20 million years earlier than previously thought 

A new study looks at sexual relationships in the 21st century. 

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