Sept. 15, 2017

72: Farewell Cassini

72: Farewell Cassini

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* Farewell Cassini After an historic mission lasting 20 years -- including 13 years of ground breaking scientific observations of the majestic ringed world of Saturn and its many moons –Cassini’s journey of exploration has come to an end. On September 15 at 9:53 in the evening Australian Eastern Standard Time – after a five minute roll manoeuvre -- Cassini began its suicidal death plunge into Saturn’s atmosphere -- triggering the ultimate demise of the spacecraft. 

*New Horizons wakes up from hibernation NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has successfully woken from hibernation as it continues its marathon mission to the distant Kuiper Belt object 2014 MU69. Mission managers at the Johns Hopkins University in Laurel, Maryland say the 480 kilogram probe woke up from its five month hibernation period in good health and operating normally, with all systems coming back online as expected. 

*Possible discovery of intermediate sized Black Holes Astronomers have found strong evidence for the existence of an intermediate sized black hole hidden deep inside a massive gas cloud cluster near the centre of the Milky Way. The discovery could explain how supermassive black holes are formed in the hearts of galaxies. 

*The most powerful solar flare of the current solar cycle The most powerful solar flare of the current solar cycle has just erupted on the surface of the Sun. The event was one of a series of powerful explosions generating geomagnetic storms which were produced by the same active region of the Sun’s surface. 

*The Science Report 

Fictional portrayals of autistic people such as The Big Bang Theory's Dr Sheldon Cooper reinforce autism stereotypes. 

The decline of the world’s cold tundra regions because of human induced climate change is now inevitable 

Claims that Husbands aged 50 or older-- having an obese wife – are at greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes. 

New study claims changes in the brains of dinosaurs and they transitioned into birds effected skull shapes. 

And new technology to store quantum data in the next generation quantum internet. 

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