Aug. 24, 2018

63: No firewalls around black holes

63: No firewalls around black holes

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*No firewalls around black holes

Scientists skeptical about the black hole firewall hypothesis say their calculations have found a flaw in the firewall argument.

*First successful test of General Relativity near a supermassive black hole

There’s an old saying in physics – it never pays to bet against Albert Einstein. And that’s been proven right yet again with observations of stars orbiting the supermassive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way galaxy -- confirming Professor Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity.

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*East coast meteor seen by thousands

The east coast of New South Wales has witnessed a spectacular celestial show with a fireball streaking across the evening sky.

 *Virgin Galactic VSS Unity undertakes its third rocket powered flight

Virgin Galactic’ space plane -- the VSS Unity – has carried out its third powered test flight.

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 *SpaceX launches seventh Iridium mission

SpaceX has successfully placed ten more Iridium Next telecommunications satellites into orbit just three days after launching its largest ever payload – the Telstar 19 Vantage.

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*The Science Report

A new type of anti-cancer drugs that put cancer cells into a permanent sleep.

Critically endangered swift parrot threatened with extinction due to politicians bureaucrats and loggers.

Just 13 per cent of the world's oceans still classified as wilderness.

Confirmation that dogs show empathy when their owners are in distress or trouble.

The skeptic’s guide to Skepticon 2018.

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