Aug. 4, 2017

61: The Sun’s core rotates nearly four times faster than its surface

61: The Sun’s core rotates nearly four times faster than its surface

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*The Sun’s core rotates nearly four times faster than its surface Astronomers have discovered that the Sun’s core rotates four times faster than its surface. The findings open a new window into solar physics – providing new insights into the Sun’s internal structure and composition. 

*Weighing a distant black hole Astronomers have used to rotational speed cold gas clouds in a distant galaxy to make the most precise measurements ever of the mass of the supermassive black hole at its centre. The team found that the supermassive black hole which resides in the heart of the galaxy NGC1332 has about 660 million times the mass of the Sun. 

*Titans lakes fizz like soda pop New data indicates the hydrocarbon lakes and seas on the surface of Saturn's moon Titan might occasionally erupt with dramatic patches of bubbles. Researchers simulated the frigid surface conditions on Titan, finding that significant amounts of nitrogen can be dissolved in the extremely cold liquid methane that rains from the skies and collects in rivers, lakes and seas. 

*August Skywatch The Perseids meteor shower reaches its peak this month. 

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