July 19, 2017

56: Jupiter’s mysterious great red spot as never seen before

56: Jupiter’s mysterious great red spot as never seen before

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*Jupiter’s mysterious great red spot as never seen before The closest ever images taken of Jupiter’s majestic Great Red Spot are revealing the giant storm to be a tangle of dark, vein like clouds weaving their way through a massive crimson oval. The imager aboard NASA’s Juno mission snapped pictures of the most iconic feature of the solar system’s largest planetary inhabitant during its July 10 flyby. 

*Astronomers probe the swirling halo of a spectacular starburst galaxy Astronomers have probed a nearby starburst galaxy which is making stars five times faster than the Milky Way. The unprecedented study focused on the Sculptor Galaxy NGC 253 which is 11.5 million light-years from Earth and undergoing a period of intense star formation. 

*More evidence supporting the likely existence of a ninth planet There’s been more evidence supporting the likely existence of a ninth planet in our solar system. The Hypothesis for a potential planet nine in the dark outer reaches of the solar system first came to light in 2014 following the discovery of unusual orbits for several trans Neptunian objects in the Kuiper belt. Then in 2016 astronomers concluded the strange orbits were likely caused by the gravitational perturbations of a large body -- about four times size and ten times the mass of Earth. 

*Soyuz-2.1А Launch Vehicle with KANOPUS-V-IK Satellite Russia has launched a Soyuz rocket carrying some 73 satellites into orbit in one go. The Soyuz 2.1A rocket blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in in the central Asian republic of Kazakhstan. 

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