July 7, 2017

53: Fastest stars in the galaxy are all aliens

53: Fastest stars in the galaxy are all aliens

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*Fastest stars in the galaxy are all aliens A new study has concluded that fast moving stars in our galaxy were originally alien stars from other galaxies which were cannibalised by the Milky Way. The new study claims a large population of very fast moving stars in the Milky Way, originally started out in the neighbouring satellite galaxy the Large Magellanic Cloud. 

*Why quasars suddenly twinkle violently Gas filaments surrounding stars like the strands of a pompom appear to be causing quasars to suddenly begin to violently twinkle. The findings reported in the Astrophysical Journal could finally provide scientists answer for the 30 year old mystery. 

*China’s new super rocket the Long March 5 experiences a major crash and burn The launch of one of China’s most powerful rocket’s the Long March 5 has ended in failure with the launch vehicle experiencing what Chinese media would only describe as an anomaly about six minutes into the flight. The mission – which launched from the Wenchang Space Centre on Hainan Island off the southern coast of China -- was the second only orbital flight for the new launch vehicle -- which was to be a showcase for Beijing’s growing space ambitions. 

*Seventh Arianespace launch of the year Arianespace has successfully undertaken its seventh launch this year. The Ariane 5 carried two telecommunications satellites into orbit from the European Space Agency’s Kourou space port in French Guiana. 

*Dragon returns The SpaceX Dragon CRS 11 capsule has splashed down successfully in the North Pacific Ocean following a month long stay docked to the International Space Station. It was the first time a previously used Dragon capsule had undertaken a second mission – an achievement which will dramatically improve the economics of commercial spaceflight. 

*Why humans are hard wired to see the haunting face on Mars The now famous Face on Mars is one the most iconic images ever taken of the surface of the red planet. It’s now well understood to be nothing more than the result of the interplay of lights and shadows on an eroded hill. But the science behind why people see it as a humanoid face is fascinating. 

The video for the Ariane 5 launch is at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiwuB0YSN0k 

The video for Dragon return is at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUvUomjB5Xo 

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