July 5, 2017

52: Hidden dimensions in gravitational wave

52: Hidden dimensions in gravitational wave

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* Hidden dimensions in gravitational wave Researchers claim hidden unknown dimensions could influence gravitational waves. One of the big problems String theory or more correctly M theory has over loop quantum gravity is its need for additional dimensions beyond the three special and one temporal we see in spacetime around us. 

*Largest virtual Universe ever simulated Scientists have simulated the formation of the Universe using a supercomputer. The gigantic catalogue of about 25 billion virtual galaxies has been generated in preparation for the European Euclid mission which will launch in 2020 to study dark matter and dark energy. 

*And Brightest pulsar ever seen Astronomers have discovered a new record holder for the brightest pulsar ever found. The newly discovered pulsar record holder – called NGC 5907 ULX – is located some 50 million light years away – making it also the most distant pulsar ever seen. 

*July SkyWatch One of the highlights of the night skies in July is the arrival of three meteor showers. The Southern Delta Aquariids which are visible from mid July to mid August -- the Northern Delta Aquarids which start in July and reach their peak in August – and the Alpha Capricornids which start in mid July. 

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