July 12, 2019

52: A New Window On Matter

52: A New Window On Matter

Plus: World’s most powerful super computers for the SKA project, New Zealand’s latest orbital space flight & more...

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SpaceTime 20190712 Series 22 Episode 52

*A new window on matter

New research suggests the detection of Merging Neutron Stars could provide scientists with new insights in to the fundamental properties of matter

*World’s most powerful supercomputers for the SKA project

The giant Square Kilometre array project which is building the world’s biggest telescope in Western Australia and Southern Africa has finally completed design work on the world’s most powerful supercomputer – which will be needed to power the massive observatory.

*New Zealand’s latest orbital space flight

Rocket Lab has successfully carried out its seventh mission in a spectacular late afternoon launch.

*Sydney Uni wins rocketry contest

The University of Sydney Rocketry Team has won its category in the Spaceport America Cup in New Mexico.

*The Science Report

Living in an area with higher air pollution may be linked to having lower levels of a female fertility marker.

Space radiation not putting astronauts at higher risk of cancer or heart disease in low Earth orbit.

Not all crocodiles from the age of dinosaurs were meat-eating killers.

The malicious software hidden in your apps.

Employees who watch porn costing companies millions in wasted time and doing real harm.

New study finds nine out of ten Australians really do believe in ghosts.

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