May 25, 2018

41: Water vapour plumes on Europa

41: Water vapour plumes on Europa

The world’s premier astronomy and space science podcast

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The world’s premier astronomy and space science podcast. 

*Water vapour plumes discovered on Europa What appears to be plumes of water vapor have been discovered erupting into space from below the frozen surface of Jupiter’s ice-moon Europa. You tube video url: 

*Why science’s current knowledge of physics means E.M. Drives can’t work An EmDrive or more accurately -- radio frequency resonant cavity thruster – is an experimental design for a propellant-free propulsion system which -- if it actually worked -- would violate two basic laws of physics – the conservation of momentum and the conservation of energy. 

*The Sun’s fate when it dies A new study claims the Sun will form a visible planetary nebula when it eventually dies. The findings may help resolve debate among astronomers about the ultimate fate of the Sun. 

*China’s expanding commercial space launch market More and more private companies getting on board. 

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