May 30, 2019

41: A Potential Risk

41: A Potential Risk

A new study claims the Taurid meteoroid stream could pose a risk to planet Earth.

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*The potential risk of the Taurid Meteor Swarm

A new study claims the Taurid meteoroid stream could pose a risk to planet Earth.

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*How the Formation of the Moon might have brought water to Earth

A new study claims Earth’s water arrived with Theia during the giant impact which created the Moon.

*Another meteor flashes across Australian skiesHot on the heels of last week’s meteor which lit up the midnight skies of Central Australia – people across Australia’s southeast have just experienced their own celestial light show with a meteor lighting up the skies over Victoria and South Australia.

*Jupiter's unknown journey revealed

A new study claims the solar system’s largest planet Jupiter probably formed about four times further away from the Sun than where it is now.

*Dragon launches safely to the space station following test pad explosion

A SpaceX Dragon cargo ship has successfully launched to the International Space Station despite the earlier destruction of another Dragon capsule in a spectacular explosion.

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*The Science Report

China is responsible for a rise in emissions of ozone layer-destroying chemical chlorofluorocarbon.

A newly discovered Australian Lizard species may already be extinct.

A new study claims women perform better in math and verbal tests at higher room temperatures.

Scientists find the earliest known fungi.

The CSIRO discovers gold-coated fungi.

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