May 19, 2017

39: The Sun’s violent eruptions may all have the same trigger

39: The Sun’s violent eruptions may all have the same trigger

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* The Sun’s violent eruptions may all have the same trigger A new study claims violent stellar eruptions on the Sun may all be triggered by the same process regardless of their size. The findings contradict previous idea’s that different sized eruptions were caused by different processes. 

*Exploring the climate of Proxima B Scientists are taking their first tentative steps to study the climate of Proxima B -- the nearest Earth like planet beyond our solar system. Proxima B orbits Proxima Centauri – the closest neighbouring star to the Sun – and the third star in the Alpha Centauri triple star system. 

*NASA’s cosmic ray balloon mission terminated early A NASA mission involving a giant football-stadium-sized, heavy-lift super pressure balloon -- has been terminated early -- splashing down in the South Pacific Ocean 320 kilometres south of Easter Island. The mission -- which was designed to study mysterious cosmic rays entering Earth’s atmosphere – developed a leak three days into the flight. 

*Arianespace telecommunications launch Arianespace has successfully launched two telecommunications satellites into orbit. The Ariane 5 blasted off from the European Space Agency’s Kourou space port in French Guiana carrying Brazilian and South Korean satellites. The URL for the Ariane 5 launch video is 

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