May 17, 2019

38: 'Blue Moon' Lunar Lander Unveiled

38: 'Blue Moon' Lunar Lander Unveiled

The world’s richest man -- Amazon boss Jeff Bezos –– says his Blue Origin aerospace company could have people walking on the Moon by 2024.

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*Blue Moon lunar lander unveiled

The world’s richest man -- Amazon boss Jeff Bezos –– says his Blue Origin aerospace company could have people walking on the Moon by 2024.  The 2024 date was proposed by the Trump administration earlier this year after NASA had originally suggested a return of manned missions to the Moon in 2028.

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*Dark matter detector observes rarest event ever recorded

How do you observe a process that takes more than one trillion times longer than the age of the universe? The XENON Collaboration research team did it with an instrument built to find the most elusive particle in the universe - dark matter.

*Preparing for Vega-CThe European Space Agency is expected to launch an upgraded version of its Vega rocket before the end of the year.

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*Italian science satellite reaches orbit

Italy’s new PRISMA Earth observation satellite has been successfully launched into orbit. The flight aboard a Vega rocket blasted off from the European Space Agency’s Kourou Spaceport in French Guiana.

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*The Science Report

Only 37 percent of the world’s longest rivers remain free-flowing.

Changes to the Great Barrier Reef due to pollution and climate change are now visible from space.

Whole body scans may be a quicker and cheaper way of detecting cancer.

A small metre high - new relative of the famous Tyrannosaurus rex discovered in New Mexico.

Scientists may have a solution for eye and vision changes affecting astronauts on long space missions.

Study finds plastic entanglement has increased by 10 times from 2000.

A new survey shows people are becoming increasingly sceptical of science..

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