May 12, 2017

37: Brown Dwarf reclassified as planet

37: Brown Dwarf reclassified as planet

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* Brown Dwarf reclassified as planet An object originally thought to be one of the nearest brown Dwarfs to Earth has now been reclassified as a planet. The study demonstrates the fine line which separates brown dwarfs from the smallest stars and the largest planets. 

*Ancient impact events linked to long-lived volcanic eruptions on Earth Major asteroid, comet, and meteorite impact events on Earth have been linked to significant long term volcanic eruptions. The new findings show that cosmic impact events can trigger intense, long-lived, and explosive volcanic eruptions which change a planet’s surface and climate by bringing up material from deep below. 

*Moon Landing conspiracy theories In July 1969 humans landed and walked on the surface of Moon for the first time. Yet even now almost half a century later some 20 percent of people still believe it was all a big hoax. We try to find out why – and set the record straight.

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