May 9, 2018

36: NASA InSight mission blasts off

36: NASA InSight mission blasts off

The world’s premier astronomy and space science podcast

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The world’s premier astronomy and space science podcast. 

*NASA InSight mission blasts off bound for the red planet Mars NASA’s InSight mission has successfully blasted off on the start of a 483-million-kilometre six and a half month journey to the surface of the Red Planet Mars. InSight is the first mission to explore the internal structure of Mars -- finding out what lies deep beneath the red planet’s freeze dried surface. You tube video url: 

*Cosmic X-rays may provide new clues to the nature of dark matter Physicists studying unusual cosmic X-ray radiation emissions say it could be a sign that Dark Matter is composed of sterile neutrinos. The findings could help solve the dark matter mystery that’s been plaguing science for almost a century. 

*Uranus smell like rotten eggs Uranus smell like rotten eggs according to scientists who say hydrogen sulphide permeates the planet’s swirling upper atmosphere cloud tops. 

*Federal funding approved for Australian Space Agency The Australian Government has allocated an initial 50 million dollars in seed funding for the establishment of the nation’s first space agency. Space Sciences experts have generally welcomed the initial input as the new fledgling organization determines its make-up and future role. 

*The Science Report A significant increase in the number of kids reported to have autism. Surgeons perform the world’s first total penis and scrotum transplant. A new study tracks the migration patterns of marine turtles. Ten Australian birds and seven mammals likely to become extinct over the next twenty years. Alex on tech looks at cyber security and digital safety. 

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