May 4, 2018

35: Massive cloud on collision course with the Milky Way

35: Massive cloud on collision course with the Milky Way

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*Massive cloud on collision course with the Milky Way A massive cloud some two million times the mass of the Sun moving at well over a million kilometres per hour is on a direct collision course with our Milky Way Galaxy. 

*Plans for a Martian sample return mission NASA and the European Space Agency have agreed to develop a Martian sample return mission to bring soil and rocks from the red plant back to Earth. *Sentinel 3b launched Europe’s Sentinel 3B Earth sciences satellite has successfully launched into orbit providing scientists with another set of eyes to study the Earth’s rapidly changing environment. You tube video url: 

*May SkyWatch One of the year’s best meteor showers – the Eta-Aquarids – are now underway and will reach their peak on Saturday night / Sunday morning as Earth passes through the dust and debris trail left behind by Halley’s Comet. 

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