March 29, 2017

24: The Peter Pan galaxies that seem to never grow old

24: The Peter Pan galaxies that seem to never grow old

The Astronomy and Space Science News Podcast

Stream Episodes on demand from or (both mobile friendly) *The Peter Pan galaxies that seem to never grow old A new survey has doubled the number of Peter Pan galaxies known to exist. The so called Peter Pan galaxies are young, compact radio galaxies which produce powerful jets of radio energy shooting out from their galactic cores like lighthouse beacons. *New portal to unveil the dark sector of the universe Scientists are developing a new portal to unveil a mysterious dark sector of the universe. However, they’re still struggling to detect the hidden particles beyond the standard model – particles that constitute a dark sector of the Universe. *Martian volcanoes were still active when Earth’s dinosaurs went extinct. There’s growing evidence that far from being a cold dead world Mars was still geologically alive until very recently. The new findings indicate volcanoes were still erupting on the red planet‘s surface as recently as 50 million years ago. *China launches new rocket China has successfully launched a new rocket. The new launch vehicle is based on Beijing’s existing Dong Feng 31 intercontinental ballistic missile with its usual one megaton thermonuclear warhead replaced with a satellite payload. For Enhanced Show Notes, including photos to accompany this episode: Subscribe, rate and review SpaceTime at all good podcasting apps…including iTunes, audioBoom, Stitcher, Pocketcasts, Podbean, Radio Public, Tunein Radio, google play, etc. RSS feed: Help support SpaceTime : The SpaceTime with Stuart Gary merchandise shop. Get your T-Shirts, Coffee Cups, badges, tote bag + more and help support the show. Check out the range: Thank you. Plus: Get a free audio book of your choice, plus 30 days free access from Just visit or click on the banner link at Email: Join our mailing list at For more, follow SpaceTime on Facebook, twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Google+ and Clammr: Facebook: @spacetimewithstuartgary twitter: @stuartgary Tumblr: Google+: YouTube: Clammr: If you're enjoying SpaceTime, please help out by sharing and telling your friends. The best recommendation I can get is one from you. Thank you... #astronomy #space #science #technology #news #astrophysics #NASA

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