March 7, 2018

18: Neutron stars confirmed as sources of ultraluminous X-rays

18: Neutron stars confirmed as sources of ultraluminous X-rays

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*Neutron stars confirmed as sources of ultraluminous X-rays Astronomers have confirmed neutron stars as one of the sources of ultraluminous X rays – powerful beams shining with the light of millions of Suns. The findings have gone some way to solving a long standing galactic mystery. 

*Evolution of the Milky Way galaxy A new study claims some stars around our galaxy previously thought to be remnants of galaxies that had been cannibalised by the Milky Way -- are instead likely to have once been part of the Milky Way itself before being pulled away by another galaxy. The findings show how the gravitational tidal forces interacting between galaxies as they pass close to each other work both ways resulting in the creation of tidal streams of stars. 

*No life on Proxima B Scientists hoping to find life on the nearest neighbouring star system to our solar system are disappointed following observations of spectacular stellar flare activity on its host star Proxima Centauri. 

*Expedition 54 returns to Earth Three expedition 54 crew members have returned safely to Earth after spending 168 days in space aboard the International Space Station. You tube video url:  

*The Science Report 

A new study links problem drinking to early onset dementia. The first reliable blood and urine tests for autism spectrum disorders. The world’s coral reefs could begin to erode within 30 years because of global warming. Scientists confirm there are three rather than two species of Elephant. Alex on tech check s out the new Galaxy S9 

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