Feb. 23, 2018

15: Getting up close and personal to an active supermassive black hole

15: Getting up close and personal to an active supermassive black hole

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*Getting up close and personal to an active supermassive black hole Astronomers have discovered a rotating dusty gas torus around a monster black hole in the heart of the galaxy M-77 located some 47 million light years away. *IceCube measures high energy neutrinos The IceCube collaboration in Antarctica has measured neutrino oscillations at energies higher than any previous observation. 

*Interstellar asteroid sent spinning Astronomers say a 230 metre wide interstellar asteroid which sped through the inner solar system last year is tumbling chaotically – most likely due to a violent collision. 

*Progress docks with space station after mystery launch shutdown A Russian Progress cargo ship has successfully docked with the International Space Station after computers triggered a sudden mystery launch abort shutdown just seconds before an earlier launch attempt. 

*The Science Report 

Expect increasingly unpredictable annual rainfall due to climate change. The US Air Force unveils plans for its new B-21 heavy stealth bomber. Study claims 9 out of 10 juvenile criminals in detention have brain disorders. Using post mortem gene activity to more accurately pin point time of death. Alex on tech looking at the future of battery power. 

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