Dec. 28, 2018

103: Saturn’s Rings Are Disappearing

103: Saturn’s Rings Are Disappearing

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*Saturn’s rings are disappearing

A new study has confirmed that we are seeing the majestic world of Saturn at a unique time in its history with its spectacular ring system about to disappear – at least in astronomical terms.

*The mysteries of Ultima Thule

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is now all set up for its new year’s day encounter with the distant Kuiper Belt object 2014MU69 Ultima Thule.

*Expedition 57 crew return home safely after a trouble filled mission

Three Expedition 57 crew have returned safely to Earth after a drama filled stint aboard the International Space station.

You tube video url:

You tube video url:

*New Ocean research satellite

China has launched a new Oceanography science satellite.

*India’s new launch lift record

India has set a new record launching the GSAT-29 telecommunication’s satellite - its heaviest yet payload into orbit.

*Russian military satellite launched

A Russian Proton rocket has carried a new military communication’s satellite into orbit.

*SpaceX launches a US record of 64 satellites on one flight

SpaceX has successfully set an American launch record flying 64 satellites on a single mission.

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*Ariane 5’s sixth launch this year

An Ariane 5 rocket has successfully launched carrying two new satellites into orbit.

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*Moroccan spy satellite launched

Arianespace has launched a new Moroccan military spy satellite.


*New French spy satellite launched

The European Space Agency’s final launch for the year saw a Russian Soyuz ST-A rocket carry a new French spy satellite into orbit.

You tube video url:

*The Science Report

New research has found that cancer cells deprived of mitochondria can't form tumours.

Discovery of a dinosaur air conditioning system.

Archaeologists unearth a two-thousand-year-old ring near the Temple mount.

The benefits of being a crazy cat lady.

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