Feb. 1, 2017

09: The universe being blown apart by dark energy

09: The universe being blown apart by dark energy

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*The universe being blown apart by dark energy 

The universe’s rate of expansion is continuing to accelerate at an ever-increasing rate according to new measurements. The findings have important consequences for the ultimate fate of the universe and how soon that end arrives. 

*The secret of the supervolcano 

A new study has conclu8ded that the largest volcanic eruption in human history – the Toba super-volcano in Indonesia -- was triggered by vast quantities of water laden rock coming into contact with the volcano’s massive magma reservoir. The Toba volcano eruption 73 thousand years ago pushed humanity close to extinction slashing the human population down to as little as a thousand breeding pairs.. 

*February Skywatch 

As well as a close encounter with a comet, the February skies are providing both an annular solar eclipse and a penumbral lunar eclipse. 

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