Jan. 4, 2017

01: Five percent of dark matter lost

01: Five percent of dark matter lost

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*The Universe has lost up to five percent of its dark matter 

The Universe may have lost between two and five percent of its dark matter since the big bang. The findings could explain one of the biggest mysteries in physics – namely why the Universe appears to behave slightly differently now compared to shortly after its formation13.8 billion years ago. The new study could also fresh shed light on how the cosmos is likely to evolve into the future. 

*JUNO completes third close flyby of Jupiter 

NASA’s Juno spacecraft has successfully completed its third close flyby of the planet Jupiter. At the time of closest approach -- called perijove -- Juno skimmed just 4,150 kilometres above the gas giant's roiling cloud tops -- traveling at 57.8 kilometres per second -- relative to the planet. 

*China places satellites into the wrong orbit 

Beijing won’t admit it but one of its Long March rockets has placed two new Earth observation satellites in the wrong orbit. The mission was carrying two of Beijing’s newest and most advanced SuperView 1 high-resolution Earth Observation satellites as well as a small cubesat. 

*January Skywatch 

The Quadrantids meteor shower is now underway providing a spectacular light show for skywatchers. 

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