May 6, 2021

Space Blobs

Space Blobs

Astronomy, Science, Space, and Stuff.
Space Nuts Episode 251 with Professor Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley

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Astronomy, Science, Space, and Stuff.

Space Nuts Episode 251 with Professor Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley

●    Ingenuity will fly again. An update from Mars.

●    Quasar Satellites. What?

●    False positives and Exo-planets….explained.

●    Space Blobs (Andrew is excited)

●    Questions from our listeners – Bill in Ann Arbor Michigan (USA) has a question involving the Lorentz-FitzGerald contraction and Chris in Canberra (Australia) has some thoughts on how Starlink can give back. But will they work? . Fred has answers for both of them,

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