Sept. 6, 2022

The Basics - How to Subscribe to a Podcast

The Basics - How to Subscribe to a Podcast

If you're new to podcasts, welcome!

This is a terrific way to get your audio fix. Here are a few tips on how to subscribe and listen:

Firstly, it really is an amazingly straightforward process.

The first thing you need is an app that can play podcasts. There are lots of them, but we recommend Apple Podcasts (for iPhones) or Spotify, Pocketcasts or Google podcasts (for Android phones).

There are many Podcast listening apps and options to choose from these days, so do a bit of research and see which one has features you may find useful for your needs. The ones we have listed above are the most popular and where most listening is done in our experience. But don't become overwhelmed. If it all starts to become too much, stick to the ones we've listed, and you'll be off to a hassle-free start.

Once you have that installed, open it up and search for the podcast(s) you want to listen to. Click on the one(s) you want, and then hit the Subscribe button.

That's it!

Now every new episode of that podcast will automatically download onto your phone as soon as it's released.

You can also listen online if you prefer by going to the podcast website and clicking on the Listen Now button. You'll find most podcasts have links to their websites in the Show Notes or a simple Google search will do the trick.

Follow these few steps and you'll be listening along with the best of them.

All that remains to be said is... enjoy!